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The Pareo. Known throughout the world as a sarong (India), lava lava (Samoa), kikepa (Hawaii), sulu (Fiji), wraparound (USA), beach coverup & of course the pareo (French Polynesia). In Tahiti, it has become a standard. Come and see our collection today at Black Pearl Designs. Learn pareo tying styles, select from new colors, and don't miss the pareo video above. Just sit back and watch our exclusive movie.

Pareos are simple garments worn by nearly all Tahitian men, women and children. How you wear them is limited only by the imagination. Besides being the preferred garment of many, pareos are perhaps the single most apparent folk art in French Polynesia. The pareo is a symbol of the Islands. Find out how it originated and became so popular in Tahiti.

The colorful designs that ornament the pareo are perhaps the strongest feature. In addition to being extremely cool and comfortable to wear, they are bright and attractive. Tie one of our pareos on, place a Tahitian gardenia behind the ear, a puka shell anklet and a gentle rub of monoi oil. Get your pareo today!

There's more to pareos than vivid hues and exotic motifs. Here's a collection of other accessories and information that any pareo lover will want to check out.

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