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How to Tie a Pareo

Watch the most popular "How to Tie a Pareo" video on the internet. Going to the beach? You can't leave without bringing a pareo. And tying a pareo is nothing but creative and practical. Here's...

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Black Pearl Designs

Black Pearl Designs. Our fab online store has great Tahitian costumes, pareos with awesome vivid colors, and unique handicrafts from the Polynesian islands - Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii, New Zealand and Tahiti. Hard-to-find and unique Polynesian...

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Tahitian Dance Events

Ever wonder where to find unique pareos? Definitely not at your local big box store. The best place would probably be in the islands. But if you can't get there, specialty online stores (hint, hint)...

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Pareo Buying Guide

What are you looking for in a pareo? Color? Fabric? Softness? Design? Label? Size? Price? All these questions are in material (pun intended). You can make it as easy or as complicated as you want...

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Starting from when I was young, I was exposed to island life. Tutu would always greet us at the airport with fresh plumeria lei (not the imported orchid leis of today). We’d go and eat at a luau and then see the night show at the Polynesian Cultural Center every time my family came to visit. I’d secretly imagine that I’d be able to do the Hawaiian hula, master the Maori taiaha, and twirl a Samoan fire knife just like in the show. Little did I know that I would indeed learn many of the dances, crafts and customs of the Polynesian islands. And now I’m sharing the handicrafts of the Polynesian islands with the world.

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Pareo tying is easy, comfortable and creative
Posted By blackpearldesigns  Posted On 03-Mar-2016

It’s a feeling you get every warm spring, summer and fall day – time to let loose and dress for the warm weather. Whether you are waiting for that perfect wave to hit the shore, building a new masterpiece in the sand, taking a lazy walk on the beach, or…

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